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An estimated 50 million people in the United States deal with the side effects of allergies. If you have a persistent stuffy nose, hives, or other allergy symptoms, the board-certified physicians at TeleMDs can help. The providers offer comprehensive allergy care through telemedicine visits online. Based in San Jose, California, the team works with urgent care centers and hospitals throughout Northern California, including the Bay Area, San Francisco, and Sacramento. You don’t have to suffer another minute with seasonal allergy symptoms. Schedule a telemedicine evaluation online or call the TeleMDs office today.

Allergies Q & A

What are allergies?

Allergies are your immune system’s overreaction to substances in your environment that are typically harmless to other people.

When you expose yourself to certain allergens, your body reacts by producing antibodies to fight off a perceived attack on your immune system. It’s these antibodies that trigger symptoms common with allergies, such as:

  • Runny nose
  • Stuffy nose
  • Watery, pink eyes
  • Persistent cough

You may also develop hives as a side effect of allergies. Hives is an itchy skin rash that causes red bumps to form on your skin.

In some cases, exposure to an allergen can cause anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening condition that causes sudden inflammation in your airways. This inflammation makes it difficult for you to breathe and requires immediate medical treatment.

How are allergies diagnosed?

If you have symptoms of allergies, the TeleMDs physicians provide initial evaluations via a video chat platform. During your evaluation, your provider reviews your medical history and your symptoms to determine if you need additional medical attention.

When you’re not sure what’s causing your allergy symptoms, the physicians refer you to a local urgent care center or hospital for allergy testing. Testing typically involves introducing small amounts of suspected allergens to your body by pricking your skin.

Allergy tests can determine if your symptoms relate to seasonal allergies, like hay fever, that cause a reaction due to contact with pollen and grass. Testing can also pinpoint other causes of your allergy symptoms, such as:

  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Pet dander
  • Insect bites
  • Certain medicines

It’s also possible you’re allergic to certain foods. If your TeleMDs provider suspects you have a food allergy, they may refer you for specialized testing.

How are allergies treated?

Your treatment plan for allergies depends on your allergy triggers and the intensity of your reaction.

For seasonal allergies, you may benefit from over-the-counter or prescription antihistamines that relieve existing allergy symptoms and prevent new ones. The TeleMDs team can call in prescription medications and refills to your pharmacy for your convenience.

The physicians also work with you on lifestyle and dietary changes to help you avoid exposure to allergens as much as possible. 

In the event you experience anaphylaxis, they help you create an emergency treatment plan. This involves carrying a prescription injectable epinephrine pen at all times to quickly reverse airway inflammation.

If you need help managing seasonal or chronic allergies, schedule a consultation with the TeleMDs team online or call the office today.